Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Birthday dots for stamp camp

On a girlier, more flowery note, this is another card for tonight's stamp camp/workshop. I wanted to show off the textured cardstock and more of the designer paper.

It was also a good opportunity to pull out Big Pieces and Little Pieces which I'd purchased when they came out in the mini, but which I haven't really used. I thought I'd (vaguely) mimic the pattern in the Fall Flowers designer paper and none of my (many) other flower sets looked similar enough to work for me. Also, since this is for a stamp camp, I don't like my stampers to have to clean the stamps too much between uses because it cuts down on their productivity time. This really only matters since I'm holding camp on a Wednesday night, and they're giving me their time, which means that I like to get them in, get them stamping, and then get them on their way! Then, if they want to stay and browse or chat or snack, they can do that if they have the time.

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Nicole Anderson said...

Beautiful Color Combo! KUDO'S!