Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally feeling mostly "whale" again!

The coughing crud has finally passed (and so has my birthday). I don't feel any older, but I sure feel better. :) I have been so lucky to have people wanting to celebrate with me, but it seems they mostly want to EAT with me. I do love eating though, so it hasn't been too rough on me. But I'll also have to put my new tennis shoes to work to make up for it! I got fitted for new running shoes (that I'll never RUN in), and I'm excited to hit the trail by our house for some intense walking.

While I was sick, I made these two paper-pieced get well cards with the most cheery colors I could get my hands on. I made two while I had the supplies out, but you can see that the whales came out a little differently based on where they were stamped.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you're healthy as you read this! It seems like there's been so much sickness going around this winter and I'm hoping there's no more in my near future or yours.


Cheap Like Me said...

Those are cute! And I'm glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I had that coughing crud for 3 weeks at Christmas. I am glad you are finally on the mend! I know it is frustrating! Very cute cards and I am glad to see you are back!

Wife2TJ said...

How cute!!!

Jovita said...

Both cards are wonderful and I love the idea of paper piecing the whale image... very creative!