Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday Rocker

This was my sister's birthday card this year. I used retired papers and the skull stamp from Just Jawin' to make an unusual card that made me smile and she seemed to like it too. :)

Nothing too tricky here. The sentiment was printed using my computer. I think the font is Rosewood.

The skull is kind of a metallic, transparent champagne (using shimmer paint) but because I didn't want the teeth to be that color, I masked them off before I painted over the skull.

Above you can see the mask stamped onto a large yellow sticky note with the plain white skull behind that. The crossed bones behind the skull were previously stamped onto brushed silver cardstock and cut out and adhered. Small note: you can see the big chunk of missing "forehead" from the stamp, and that's because it kept stamping a small smudge on my projects where there shouldn't be one.

Cut out the teeth from the stamped mask and layer them over the original. In this case the teeth are sticky-backed because I stamped that part of the image on top of the sticky from the paper (the sticky is on the back).

Sponge your shimmer paint or other color over the entire front, then just peel the mask away.

For my glitter eyes, I put down some Tombo mono-multi glue, filling in the eyes fully.

Dump the glitter on top, then tap off, returning excess to your container.

If extra sticks around the edges, just use your adhesive remover block, or even a clean pencil eraser.

As a final step, I put some Crystal Effects over the teeth just because I could. Hope you're having a good week! Tomorrow I'm going to post something totally different for me. But it's still a craft project. :)

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Elizabeth *^..^* said...

Ohhh, I was thinking "Skull Lobotomy?" LOL Love how you used this stamp!