Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bargain Pencil Cup

I found this container at a local store on clearance for $2. It was in the bathroom section, and I'm guessing it had a lower price because of a missing lid ... But at $2, it's still perfect for a pencil cup with a little help.

In this case, I covered the cup with the Chocolate and Old Olive rub ons (that I've been using on everything lately).

But if you pick up random cups like this, be sure to check the bottom for messages from the manufacturer. Rub on covered items can be hand washed, but apparently, this cup should NEVER come near food. Whoa.

I promise to post something made with stamps SOON. I've been working 10-12 hours lately at my day job, and I'm looking forward to stamping again. Enjoy your weekend!


sandyh50 said...

Melissa, I am so happy to see this project. I have a ton of Eucerin cream empty containers for a craft at school. Rubons would work perfectly on them!

Oma said...

Great project!

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

This is wonderful! Love how you've clustered the rub ons and used more than one colour! Gorgeous result...and I love the warning! A bit dire though LOL!