Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Everyone wants to be more organized at the start of a new year. This year, I've created 2 tear-off calendars mounted on standard office clipboards using Stampin' Up's Create-a-Calendar kits. I bought these kits to use with my 3 clip chipboard clipboards (say that 3 times fast), but then, owing to my stamp room discord, I couldn't find the clipboards. Grr. But I did find these large clipboards (a bargain at $1.50 each at Big Lots) so they were pressed into service. Because I love the look of these so much, but couldn't bear to tear off the pages as they were used, I've decided to place them up for sale on my Etsy store. Just like my blog, my Etsy store has been neglected, but I'm hoping to get more items in there soon!

We started the new year off right having a good time with friends and I hope that you had a similar good experience! Happy new year to you, and thanks for stopping by. :)

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Cheap Like Me said...

Those are really cute!