Thursday, July 19, 2007

Define Your Life - a strategy for reading backwards

When I first recieved my new Define Your Life set, I was very excited! Until I figured out that I would never remember which one said what, and/or what each stamp said in full because they're double-mounted, meaning back-to-back rubber, so they don't have a coordinating label on the back of the stamp. This is the vision that stared me in the face when I finished mounting all 28 stamps....

I knew they were all listed in the catalog...but no way was I going to look them up each time I even pondered using the set! I also needed to figure out a way to get me to use them because this is an expensive set. Gulp. Granted, I used my free merchandise credit to get them, but I could have used that credit elsewhere if I wasn't going to use the set!!

Well, I decided to make an index card. I measured my stamp storage box inner dimensions and cut a piece of white card stock into two pieces that would fit. I was pleased at this point that I was able to fit the stamps into a smaller size box than the one they came in because I got my two index cards from one piece of 8.5 x 11 paper. Starting in the lower right corner of the box, and the lower right corner of the paper, I stamped the first stamp, flipped it over, inked it up and stamped it on the 2nd piece of paper. The stamps don't need to stay in the same position in the box, but this way, if I find the "kindness" stamp, I know that on the other side, I'll find the "lucky" stamp.

I mounted one index card face out in the lid of the stamp box, and then mounted the other index card with its back to the first so that I can flip back and forth to find the saying I want, and I can actually READ them because they're full size and they're not backwards!

(the view from inside the case)

(the view from outside the case)

I hope this tip helps you with this set, or maybe gives you ideas for similar sets! Have a great day. :)


stampin_melissa said...

What a fabulous idea! I want that set sooooo bad! I knew it was a double sided set, but I hadn't thought out the "logistics" for storing it and being able to know what each stamp said. Now I have the perfect solution (when I finally get that set!)

Stephanie said...

I also did this with the flexible phrases set since you can't read what is on both sides. I wrote the
top word in one color ink and the word on the other side in a diff. color ink. Then I just look at my "cheat sheet" to find what I am looking for. Your idea is great for this set too! Stephanie

SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

GREAT idea!

Tandra said...

I havent mounted mine yet cuz I wasnt sure how I was going to do it!! Well NOW I know how!! Thakns for your idea, sounds like it will work great!