Friday, November 23, 2007

Niece's Halloween card

Sorry I haven't been posting! I've been busy creating banners and watermarks for customers of my design services. I'll be posting a few of my posts from my drafts folder today.

This card went with a candy apple for my niece when I went over there for dinner on Halloween. I thought the soft, fuzzy yarn (from the $1 spot at Target at least a year ago) would be something she would like. This card also used up scraps that I had sitting around on my desk. When I cleaned up recently, I realized I hadn't been USING scraps, I'd just been making them. The pumpkins are striped in Crystal Effects. She really liked the card and told her friend that I always make her cards, I never buy them. I felt so proud that she noticed and that she likes them. She is such a sweet girl!

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Susanna a.k.a. Cheap Like Me said...

That card was really cute! And what a candy apple. :)