Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scrap storage

Oh boy! I finally finished reorganizing my paper scraps.

It wasn't the best time I've ever had, but I was getting really irritated with my previous method of scrap storage which was plastic baggies with labels that had the color name on them. It was hard to look through the baggies to find a scrap that I wanted -- and I'm frugal about my cardstock.
I try to use every bit I can, but as a starting point for getting organized, I went ahead and GASP, threw out some of the smallest pieces. Then I went through and scored a line on one piece in every SU color that I own and then lined up the middle of the SU round tab punch with the score line and punched it out. I had bought some 110 lb. cover stock for my divider pieces because I didn't want to waste SU cardstock on dividers; I cut that into pieces that fit these wood boxes I found at Michael's for just under $5 a piece. Then, I stapled on the tabs to a divider piece. It was quick and tidy.

The colors are organized by color, rather than by SU color family. I had the baggies organized this way and knew that I'm more likely to look for "a blue" rather than recognizing what color I wanted and the family it would be in. I didn't include the current In Color family in my main colors because eventually, they'll be going away, and I didn't want to have to remove the tab from the lineup. In Color colors and neutrals are in one bin and the other families are in the other bin. If I start running out of room, I can take out the paper bags that I have in back of the In Color/neutral bin which would give me more room.


Jeanine Eckert said...

Getting scraps organized feels SO satisfying- great job!

Shanismom said...

OOHHH i love your crap organization.