Thursday, March 8, 2007


A woman cannot exist by stamping alone...

The other night for dinner Ky and I worked together and made a delicious pork tenderloin w/ balsamic-cranberry sauce. We've made it before, and it is SO good. I got the recipe off of epicurious, and it's originally from Bon App├ętit magazine.

The chopped onions and fresh rosemary:

I thought the colors were so pretty! Also a nice contrast to my red silicone spatula...

The seared pork:

Searing means you cook the meat on a high heat to cook the outside and keep the moisture inside. It also means you get yummy cooked bits in the pan. Then you cook the tenderloin in the oven to complete the cooking of the inside.

And, the final product:

I like how artistically Ky arranged the pork and cleanly poured the sauce.

I hope you enjoyed my little departure!