Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Oh, wait, not chicken dinner -- BLOG CANDY!!!

I thought I should give you my favorite vegetable, too, which is broccoli (cooked, not raw) and my favorite non-stamping activity is reading or napping. I am a fast reader so I zip through books (just picked up another 10 from the library last night) and I am a power napper. This is where it's very helpful to not have kids to interfere with such (ha ha ha) lofty pursuits.

I was impressed with how many of you really DO like vegetables. There were some in there that I'd never heard of or tried (in particular, red capsicum, Swede, and finally, fukua or bitter melon) and I'm going to have to take note and check them out. I will have to do it carefully though, because of my freaky food allergies that have cropped up since my mid-twenties. I have very poor luck with eating fresh fruits or veggies because my bodies perceives them as me eating handfuls of pollen and I tend to have bad reactions. It's called cross-reactivity and doesn't show up as true allergies... it's a bit of a pain, but so many have medical issues that are much worse than I do, and at least I can eat cooked/canned/preserved versions of fruits and vegetables.


I went to this site and had it randomly select one number from my total entries (69), not counting my own initial testing post where I made sure I wouldn't have to moderate comments before they showed up (instant gratification), and not counting the one post where its author deleted it. The lucky number this time around was 11. I counted down from the top and the eleventh post was:

Claudia F. said --
Wow, wonderful blog, I'll be back often. Favorite
veggie? I think I'd have to say peas. We love to take nature photographs and
Claudia, email me and let me know where to send your winnings! Thank you to each of you for visiting, posting, viewing and commenting. I am having such a good time sharing with you, and hope that you've found something you like during your stay. If I haven't already, I will be visiting your blogs if they're linked from your comment and I look forward to seeing what you're putting out there and sharing!

As a little explanation for the winner, winner chicken dinner reference: "Years ago every casino had a 3 piece chicken dinner with potato and veggie for $1.79. A standard bet back then was $2.00, hence when you won a bet you had enough for a chicken dinner" (explanation found online here, so take it with a grain of caution.) It's also a quote from the movie Tin Cup, which is where I'm more familiar with it coming from.

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Jeanine Eckert said...

Whoops! THIS is the post that made me laugh- not the other one. You must've thought I was crazy!