Friday, March 13, 2009

Bunny brings Easter gifts

There's just a little time to fit in some Easter card creation. I had such a good time coloring and paper piecing this bunny's dress and hair bow. Both were created out of Bella Rose designer series paper. All the coloring was done using Stampin' Up inks - in marker and inkpad form. The set is "An Egg-cellent Easter" and contains a couple bunnies in the Peter Rabbit style, meaning, they come in clothes. This card was another one done using only scraps that were precut, and in this case, bagged together from a previous project.

The ground/dirt was masked off and spritzed in layers of color (Caramel, Cocoa, Chocolate). I really like the dimension to this part of the card. Next came the sponging of the sky. I had already drawn in my horizon and grasses (stylings copied from Anna Wight's doodled grasses on this card). I don't have the original post address, but I just love how she grounds her animals by quickly sketching in some grass/ground.

I laid my main piece down on some scraps, and starting from the outside corners/edges, I sponged on color. This kept most of the color to the outside edges, highlighting the bunny with a whiter area. I started my hand in a circling motion before it got to the cardstock, and it gave a smoother finish.

Ky suggested that I add the bow to her head for some more girlyness and it really helped, but MAJOR kudos to Ky (again) because he suggested that she be trailing a little balloon behind her.
It just so happens that there's a stamp in the set that is PERFECT for a balloon. It's meant to be a hanging egg, I think, like when people blow out a shell and hang it from a branch for Easter decoration, but it sure works for a balloon, too!

Here's a picture of the whole set as shown in the upcoming mini catalog. I wouldn't usually show this, EXCEPT, if you're in the mood to start your Easter cards, you should know that you can purchase it before the mini catalog is even available in full.

View the PDF with pre-sale items, and feel free to contact me if you're wanting to order. Or, order online through my demonstrator website.

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SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

Cute, CUTE!! And I love that set! Adorable!