Monday, March 2, 2009

A new bag for spring

This project uses the Big Shot Top Note Bigz die and the new texture plates. I learned that you should cut out your Top Note pieces first, then run them through the texture plate "sandwich" one at a time. Although they fit side-by-side on the texture plate, they get squished out of the way and you end up about 1 1/2 textured. Before using the texture plate, spritz the cardstock with Alcohol so the stock has a little more "give" and accepts the texture more easily. (The alcohol tip isn't mine, but I love the idea of it because it won't stain and dries quickly so you can move on with your project).

This project had to be added to so I could be happy with it. It was simply too bright until I stippled on some blue for the sky. I had to mask the butterflies so they wouldn't be stippled also. I haven't used the stipple brushes much since being (brainwashed) inspired to purchase them after Stampin' Up convention.

I didn't want to stipple the orange cardstock, so I masked off the edges with some post-its. On a side-note, this picture reminds me of the time I got my hair highlighted and they pulled it through the little shower cap setup. Almost like the little bag looks a little embarassed. :)

Before the stippling, I also added a couple little flight trails in glitter coming off of both of the butterflies.

Here's how the bag looked before the blue was added. You can also see the little paper bag body in the picture. These are little goodie bags that I found at Target quite a while ago. I've also seen similar bags at Xpedx stores.

I'd also ordered new Filigree Brads with my last order, and wanted to give them a try. They are a really heavy-weight metal. Very sturdy! I used the large size on my project. The brads are separate, so you could also string ribbon through the flower center for another use.

I also felt pretty sneaky with my ribbon handle. This is likely not a new trick, but it was an ingenious moment for me. I love ribbon handles, but on some projects, a floppy ribbon handle just won't do. I cut a piece of coordinating cardstock 1/2" wide, layered the ribbon on top (used mini glue dots at either end of the cardstock), attached each handle end to the top of the bag and attached the Top Note pieces over that so no rough ends are showing.

I think this will also be a great pattern for some mini Easter treat bags. I'm looking forward to the spring weather staying around a while. We're already enjoying weather in the 60's this week!
Another sign of spring is our dog's haircut. I had to show this along with my changes to my card because as I was posting, I was thinking of what I saw as signs of spring. This is a big sign of spring for me (and probably for her, too). Once I think it's warm enough for her to get along with less hair, she heads to the groomers for an overhaul.



Just a little different, eh? I don't even think she looks like the same dog! Her recent haircut was extra exciting this spring because it was her first haircut since her ligament replacement surgery last summer, and the first time we really got to see her back leg without all that hair. Right after surgery, we worried because the muscles in the affected/repaired leg were atrophied a bit, but now, both legs look almost exactly the same which means her recovery is continuing to go well. It wouldn't take this long in a younger dog, but she's almost 10 years old, so the delay in healing/recovery isn't unexpected. :)


Diane said...

Please tell you beautiful little newly shaved pup I think she looks great! The new hairstyle takes years of her looks! :-) Glad her surgery is healing nicely, you are right once they get up in that age bracket they begin to take a while longer to heal! She is a beauty and your bag is very pretty too!!!

Carol said...

I just love your paper bag project. Very cute.
I just ordered that die from SU and will DEFINATELY be casing this project. You are very creative and I check in regularly. You are listed in my FAV's.

Stamp and Smile said...

CUTE bag!! This would be PERFECT for Easter treats... I just might have to chase you!! :) Our dog is going in to be groomed in the next month. He loves the girls who do it and sleeps like a baby when he gets home.... Smiles! :)