Monday, May 7, 2007

Dotted Frame

This is one of 6 frames that I found at Michael's. They were all on clearance for $1 each! They were kind of a strange brown color, so I took them home and took out the stand piece and the glass and sprayed them black. I let them dry, and now I'll be adding paper and ribbon to them. I can't remember the paper company's name offhand, but I have it in my designer paper notebook so I'll update this post later.
The top half of the frame is the black spray paint, and the black and white paper is just a scrap that I had. I laid the frame on it face down, traced it and cut it out. Beause the paint is somewhat glossy and the paper is matte, it needed something to help transition between the two, so I added strips of dotted black ribbon that was stuck on using a Xyron tape runner. The paper was adhered using a Stampin' Up Anywhere Glue Stick, and smoothed with my bone folder. The paper does not go around the sides of the frame, but the ribbon does.
I love how this turned out, and think it looks really sharp!

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Susanna Donato said...

That's really nice!