Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh boy! Oh boy!

LOOK at what I found on my porch yesterday from Jody over at Confessions of a Ribbon Addict!!! I believe there was some bouncing and possibly clapping when I opened it and got a peek.

I bought a share of her Essentials 2 Primas, and got these FOUR boxes. I own one tiny bottle of Primas. But they are NOTHING compared to these. And this picture doesn't do them justice. At all. They're beautiful. I just know that I've got to make some cards with them, and if Ky goes and plays poker tonight, that's just what I'll be doing. (in between laundry so I feel like a useful contributor to the running of the household)


Kirsten said...

Gotta love the Primas! I did her last share, and it'll be a LONG time before I need to buy another paper flower! LOL

Aunt T said...

How pretty. Have fun with those Primas!