Saturday, October 13, 2007

A sweet treat for Halloween

September's stamp club host wanted to focus on Halloween. We're making 2 projects at each club, and these cute little bag toppers are going to be one of them! I don't know what candy she's supplying to fill them up, but I think I'm going to have to check out which candies either coordinate as they are, or have coordinating wrappers to go with the topper. :)

Because these were my samples, the Frankenstein piece and the Boo piece were both watercolored to show different versions of Booglie Eye sets, but the Boo sample was done on Whisper White cardstock, while Frank up there was watercolored on watercolor paper.

I created the Boo topper first, and I should have started with the watercolor paper because I KNOW that it is so much better to watercolor with. However, for some reason I did not do that, and then I was going to create a new image piece on watercolor paper and switch it out with the original, but I think I'll leave it so the stampers can see why they would want the watercolor paper instead. That's what they'll be supplied with, but I feel like it might help them see why there's a difference.
ETA: This project never got to make its debut to the stampers because the September hostess had her baby! Does this mean I can eat the candy now? ;)

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