Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day wishes

Happy mother's day!

I was just having some watercoloring fun with this card and this set, Blooming With Love. I'm also using up some bits and pieces of my Bali Breeze Designer paper, hence the kind of patchwork pattern laid out behind the main image.
Mom, this isn't your card, instead you'll get yours when we get together. :)

I watercolored using my Watercolor Wonder Crayons and an aqua painter on watercolor paper which is simply the best paper to watercolor on because you can move the color around so nicely. When it dried, I put on some Crystal Effects over the top of the pots, and added some dots with my trusty white gel pen.

The square metal piece is from the pewter finish hodgepodge hardware. the ribbon is attached behind the paper piece inside of the square with the brads you can see on top and glue dots behind.

Here's a look at the ribbon/metal piece as it is when it wasn't on the card. I sized it for the card, but didn't want to permanently attach it until the rest of the card was laid out. Shown below are some pictures of how I put it together.

First, I laid it the ribbon and the square element out as it would fit around the card front to get the sizing right. Then I marked dots through the holes where the brads would go onto the ribbon with a black pen. In the picture below, you can see it with one brad attached (top) and the ribbon pulled aside again with it's spacing dot (bottom w/ circle showing pen dot).

Here is the square embellishment from behind. It really is the back, there are just words because I had to restamp my words again to get it to show through and leave space for a couple flowers. So far only the brad is holding the ribbon on. Then I put a couple glue dots below the ribbon, to attach it to the paper.
And after that, I put the other brad through the ribbon on it's dotted mark, and put a couple more glue dots between the overlapping layers of ribbon for extra grip, especially with the satiny ribbon.

Thanks for looking! Enjoy your mother's day. :)

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