Tuesday, January 22, 2008

He recommended pink

This card was made with the Happy Heart Day set while Ky and watched a movie this weekend. ALL of the paper is from scraps, as is the ribbon! The heart and sentiment both have Crystal Effects on them. The heart was faux stitched with a white gel pen, then covered with CE. Then the stitching wasn't as bright as I wanted, so I just did it over again on the CE and it worked great! The actual heart isn't this bright in real life, but it IS that shiny.

The title of the post comes from when Ky recommended that pink be the color for the ribbon on this card. He was kind enough to look at the card without ribbon and consult with me on it. Then when he recommended pink ribbon, he kind of seemed like he couldn't believe he thought something needed PINK on it. :) He's such a help. I really appreciate that he actually gives a thoughtful opinion on my cards - even when, unlike in this instance, it isn't something I want to hear!

And again, don't forget to check out the stamp sets I have for sale. I managed to get four small sets in a priority envelope (for the lower mailing cost) this morning!

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