Friday, January 11, 2008

Two Genuine Cards and the ATG tape gun

I'm going to try to make up a batch of masculine cards to have on hand. Since this doesn't come naturally to me all the time, I thought I'd use a masculine set, and try to CASE something from the Stampin' Up! catalog to get the creative juices flowing.

Then in real life, the actual card was VERY lifeless and boring. I couldn't believe it! I showed it to Ky and he agreed it was plain and not very interesting - but he thought the same thing of the card in the catalog (on p. 107 if you want to check it out for yourself). So I reworked the card(s) completely using the already prepared "Genuine" pieces and I like both my cards. These cards are made of all scrap material and I'll count it a success. :)

I also got to use my new tape gun. It's an ATG 714 which uses 1/4" tape. Using it is a snap, once you figure out how to load the gun! I plan to take pictures and post them because there's nothing very hard about it, but it isn't explained well. I bought my tape gun from, but I'd recommend using the links for the gun or tape because you have to dig on the site to get to them. I like the tape pretty well, too, so far. It seems to stick really well (even on the uneven surface of the crumpled paper) and is kind of similar to Snail or mono adhesive, but it's got a little more brawn to it and doesn't seem to pull apart from itself or the project like the snail and mono sometimes do.

TIP: to make the paper easier to scrunch up for the card on the right, I misted it very lightly with a spritz of water to soften it.

And apparently, what's stamping without pups to support you? Here I am sitting in my chair with Lily under the desk, resting her head on my pseudo-crossed ankles. Boy, am I a sucker for this dog!!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Friday all!

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SpAzzGiRL said...

aww...crap! Now I definitely need one of these guns, I've been trying to hold out.
I love the cards, I need more manly cards in my stash.