Monday, February 9, 2009

Decor element sign

This is another try at the now new-ish decor elements from Stampin' Up. The sentiment was placed on top of the glass, while inside the frame I layered some designer paper and some cut out leaves (lower left corner) and finished it off with some photo corners in the (duh) corners.

This is the second time using this product, and they're SUPER easy to apply. I needed to move the topmost "season" down just a little so it wasn't half on the yellow and half on the brown (leaving it partly behind the frame). I just got out my Xacto knife, slipped it under the letters and lifted them up one-by-one. I had to move slowly, but it wasn't difficult.

When placed on the glass, they give the project a little more dimension than they might if I'd used die cut letters inside the frame. They even project a little shadow onto the papers inside the frame.

I take this sign to be intended as a Thanksgiving decoration, but because the colors aren't terribly autumnal, I think you could even do something like placing it near family photos ...

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maiahs_momma said...

LOVE this, it is beautiful...and I am one of the one's who are bad for this. I am signed up with Google Reader, and find it is not good for commenting on people's blogs.
Anyways, would hate to see you always looking forward to what you have created next.