Saturday, August 22, 2009

Faux silk wrapped gift box

This is an easy and quick way to wrap a plain, 2-piece white gift box. I used the new 2-step stamping set, Greenhouse Garden on some plain white tissue paper. This wasn't even new tissue paper and it doesn't need to be. Just stamp all over a piece that is big enough to cover your box top (or card front). I used two pieces so that I could layer them over each other. This gives you more of the look of handmade paper.

Once it's covered ... crumple it up into a ball, opening it and smoothing it a couple of times.

Cover the top of the box using a glue stick and then press the paper on top of it, smoothing out most of the wrinkles, but not trying to make it completely flat. Do the same on the sides, finally wrapping it over the edges and into the inside of the box. You can either leave the box's bottom plain white, or cover it using the same technique.

Wrap a coordinating ribbon around it, and you're set!


Melissa O said...

What a cute package! I really like this.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Great idea.