Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just in "CASE"

I try to always emphasize that you don't have to always be at the top of your creative game to make a nice card for someone. One of the best options for a quick card is to CASE a card from the Stampin' Up Idea Book and Catalog (IB&C). The acronym CASE stands for Copy And Share Everything.

For the card below, I paged through the IB&C until I found something that I liked. Now, a lot of times, I would have looked at the layout below, and changed the hearts to something else if I didn't have hearts that were the right size. However, I did have a heart that would fit, and it IS coming up on Valentines Day, so I copied pretty closely.

Here's the original design in the catalog:

And here's my copy:

Click on either photo for a larger, more detailed view.

The great thing is that you don't have to use anything that you don't want to! In this example, I wasn't very interested in the small rectangle that the sample used for the word "cherish" so I omitted it and stamped directly on the cardstock, figuring that if nothing else, if I messed up and stamped it crooked, I could stamp the word on a rectangle and hide my mistake.

You may also notice that the button that was with the blue heart in the sample is yellow with my yellow heart instead, and the yellow brad that was with the yellow heart in the sample is now a blue brad with my blue heart. Why's that? Well, I didn't have any yellow brads in the right color, so I just switched things up! Another difference in the original sample is that their dashed lines are actually stitched. While I think this is very cute, I was going for quick, so I did some faux stitching with my white gel pen, and quick-fast, I had a very similar card!

One of the most important things about CASE'ing (at least for me) is to remember that:

The recipient will never see what you copied from (so they can't compare one to the other)

  1. You're giving a hand-stamped card! Who wouldn't love getting that?
  2. Even if you're copying, you're still putting your time and energy into it. It's still a valuable token of your feelings.


Jeanine Eckert said...

I really liked your post- CASEing is a great thing, especially in a crunch!

AnneMarie said...

ok.. off to link you for the blog of the day at

your style is so cute and you know how to save time! LOL!

Karen said...

Is your IB&C spiral bound? What a wonderful idea! Your cards are all beautiful!