Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've been tagged twice (that I know of)

I know, I know, we all love the validation! It's been so fun to find that there are fans out there. I was tagged by Judith over at Gone 2 the Dogs, and by Lindsey (Jacksonbelle) at Embellished. Both of these blogs have really nice creations. Take a minute to go and check them out!

We're supposed to pick out 5 of our favorite bloggers to difficult! There are many others, but here are the 5 that came to mind first.

Michelle Wooderson - awesome organizational tips (oh, to be as organized) combined with GREAT stamping

Anna Wight - an incredibly talented stamper and photographer, love her writing style (and her ebay store!)

Jeanine Eckert - the one that got me into stamping! She has such an intricate, precise style that shows her attention to each piece that she makes. She is also an incredibly nice person!

Jovita Kloess - she's a stamper located about 50 miles from me in Colorado Springs and she makes really cute, sweet creations.

Jen - I don't know her last name, but I know I like her cards! They're all examples of pleasing layouts and combinations of elements.

Take a moment to check them out and give them some validation, too!

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Jovita said...

Thanks Melissa for tagging me, your a sweetie and I’m flattered. We need to meet up one day since we’re so close by each other… especially now that winter has passed (knocking on wood) lol ~ Jovi