Sunday, April 1, 2007

Paid to say thank you

By day, I work in an office like so many other people, and in April, employers (if they're smart) take time to tell their staff "thank you." Now, I know that my employer has plans in the works, but apparently it's on the minds of other employers as well. Early last week I got a call from a human resources contact at a local law firm. She wanted to know if she could have me make thank you cards for each of their employees, about 20 in all. I quickly agreed. I told her that I'd come up with a couple of samples for her to choose from. These are what I have so far, although I'm doing some more stamping tonight, so I may be able to come up with at least one more. I hope that these cards make their employees feel special and appreciated!


Jackie said...

Those are great - I'm sure they will have a hard time choosing!

Jeanine Eckert said...

Both are super-cute, but I'd have to say that the first one is definitely my favorite- love the colors!