Friday, April 6, 2007

Solicitors, no more (hopefully)


Our current, bold-faced, plainly lettered sign doesn't seem to have been working for quite some time, and I wonder, does that mean that the solicitors are just inconsiderate of my wishes, or that they don't know what "solicitors" means?

I doubt my new sign (see below) will have much effect on those coming to knock on my door and sell something, but it's more fun to look at than the sign we currently have in our sidelight window. In case they aren't up on their vocabulary, I thought I'd word it simply.

This sign was made with SU's whimsical alphabet in upper and lower case and Bodacious Bouquet.

Edited to add: We've already had someone come by with refrigerated truck trying to sell us meat. He rang the doorbell and Ky rolled his eyes and opened the door. The man says, "hi, I'm from the butcher shop and I have some amazing deals." Ky says, "sorry, there's a sign right there that says 'no selling'." The "butcher" says, "oh, sorry!" and leaves. I guess even if the sign doesn't work at first, it's something to point out to make them go away....


Heather said...

I have an idea. You could laminate it and place it right on your door where it would be hard to miss.

Just a thought.

Jan Scholl said...

I have a no soliciting sign on my front door. I still have idiots ringing my door when its still dark out-or politicians or everybody who thinks they are entitled to. I have a car sitting in my driveway that I am not using and it has no plates and every day some idiot leaves me notes or rings the bell asking me how much I want for it. There is no for sale sign on it-nothing to indicate I am wanting to sell it. I am keeping it in case my son's car dies-like the last one did and he is needing a better car. I no longer answer the front door or my phone. People are so rude dont care-next time I am gonna turn my dog lose and see who runs fast enough off my porch. Can I get an electric door bell that zaps those who ring it for no good reason? ;)

Jeanine Eckert said...

Super cute! I really hope that it works for you!

Jovita said...

I had a “no soliciting” sign made at a local sign shop… and the still keep coming! They can’t take the hint… LOL Your sign is great.